Remembering Esteban “Steve” Jordan

Conjunto accordion legend Esteban “Steve” Jordan died Friday, after this week’s Latino USA was sent to public radio stations for broadcast. Last year, Alex Avila produced an appreciation of the musician and pioneer.

A Conversation With Singer Maya Azucena

We can’t think of a nicer respite from the hot summer than a dose of cool tunes. Last year, Maria interviewed musician Maya Azucena. Her album is “Junkyard Jewel,” and her style defies description.

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Visit Maya Azucena on the web here.

Los Invisibles: New Orleans 5 Years After Katrina

Katrina changed New Orleans. It changed nearly everything about the city. And it changed nothing.

Five years ago, the massive storm dumped rain and misery on a city that had a long history with hurricanes: but nothing like this one. The combination of rain, and broken levees, and bureaucracy — one heaped on top of the other was almost too much for the city.

The rest of the country watched hundreds of thousands flee the storm. The New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck was notable for its mass exodus of people: to Texas, to Missouri, to Illinois, to Georgia, to New York. But there was another group—let’s call them “Los Invisibles”—who were on their way in, as nearly everybody else was on their way out.

New Orleans writer and performance artist José Torres-Tama has had his eye on the phenomenon. Listen to what he has to say about it.

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José Torres-Tama on the web.
Follow the work of the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice.

Disaster Migrants & The BP Cleanup

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has drawn cleanup workers from near and far. Many of those workers are Latinos, so-called “disaster migrants” who go from catastrophe to catastrophe and aid in the repair efforts. Maybe it doesn’t seem like an ideal job to you, but these folks are happy just to have work.

The report on disaster migrants comes to us from Annie Correal of the Feet in Two Worlds project.

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Click the image to view an interactive map of the spill.