A Deeper Conversation about Diversity in The Media

AOL’s acquisition of the Huffington Post for $315 million made headlines around the world and raised a lot of eyebrows among media makers. For loyal Huffington Post followers, there were concerns about maintaining the blog’s progressive point of view. For journalists of color, questions arose about how this merger will effect reporting about their communities — especially now that Arianna Huffington will oversee AOL’s Black Voices and AOL Latino and plans to include special “Latino” and “African American” sections to the Huffington Post. Many are asking, “Is this a step forward, or a step back?” Maria Hinojosa sits down with filmmaker and Columbia University Journalism Professor June Cross and columnist Ruben Navarrette to find the answer and discuss the reality of diversity in America media.

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Two Latino Candidates in The Race for Chicago Mayor

On February 22nd, the city of Chicago will elect a new mayor…and for the first time in the city’s history, two Latino contenders are on the ballot for the top job, but they running against tough competition with Rahm Emmanuel, president Obama’s former chief of staff, leading in the polls. Some argue they’re in danger of splitting the Latino vote, but the candidates say they want to represent entire city. From Chicago, Yolanda Perdomo has our story.

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Civility in Political Discourse

Louisiana Senator David Vitter, along with Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, recently proposed legislation that would amend the 14th amendment to take away birthright citizenship. For commentator Jose Torres Tama, there will be no civility in our politics until the scapegoating of immigrants ends.

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