Dr. Pedro Noguera

A growing rate of HIV/AIDS, low wages, and an ever-increasing incarceration rate are just some of the rampant challenges for Latino men. But if these issues are so important, why is there such little discussion among academics and policy makers? María Hinojosa talks to Dr. Pedro Noguera to find out. He’s a professor at New York University and co-editor of “Invisible No More: Understanding the Disenfranchisement of Latino Men and Boys.”

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Young Men’s Clinic

The Young Men’s Clinic (YMC) in Washington Heights is one of the first clinics of its kind, focusing exclusively on males between the ages of 13 and 35 years old. Led by Medical Director, Dr. David Bell, the YMC works to treat and educate predominately young Latino men about their physical, mental and emotional health.

This story is produced by Whitney Eulich and edited by María Emilia Martin. It’s part of a year-long series examining health issues facing Latinos. Male sexual health is openly discussed in this piece.

Latino USA’s year-long look at Latinos and Health is made possible by funding from Pfizer Helpful Answers®, a family of patient assistance programs for the uninsured and underinsured who need help getting Pfizer medicines.

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