New York based poet Rich Villar reads one of the poems he has written for the challenge to write a daily poem for the month of April, National Poetry Writing Month.

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Rich Villar is a writer and poet from Paterson, New Jersey. He is the director of Acentos, a community organization that works to promote Latino literature. His work has appeared on Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Amistad, El Centro’s Letras, Latino Poetry Review, and the acclaimed chapbook series Achiote Seeds.

Beautiful poetic work that forces one to recall the many unspoken intimacies we share with our Familias and yes, many a DREAM- Fulfilled, but mostly not. Mr. Villar continues to add ACENTOS, if you will, to his status as a powerful, leading presence in the Nuyorican Poetry and Latino Literature circles. Thank you Futuro Media Group for your share and day-to-day efforts.
Continued successes!

This is awesome. I’m a big fan of Edward James Olmos and Stand and Deliver is a great film.Congratulations on the site and the blog. I’m excteid to see pictures of Rio.