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AKA Guy Bisserette, Haitian Charro / by Maria Hinojosa | May 4, 2012

AKA Guy Bisserette, Haitian Charro

When Guillermo de la Luz steps on stage to entertain New Yorkers with classic mariachi songs, he looks like any other charro, with colorful outfits, a big hat and a broad repertoire of rancheras. Except that he’s Haitian.

Click here to download this week’s show.

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Kim Lohse says:

How do we get ahold of this great music????? I want to buy his work. What a voice!

Angel Strong says:

You are awesome singer you deserve the best! God bless you Angel!

Angel Strong says:

AWESOME singer” you deserve the best you have a beautiful voice God Bless you, Angel

Henricles Brutus says:

This is the power of love. Love is God.
Guy is a lover of Mexican folk-lore and everything you do with love you going to walk successfully on the red carpet.
Guy I wish you a long life.Keep alive this beautiful folk-lore
Amor se dice cantando we are also latinos.