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"Cinco de Derby" / by Maria Hinojosa | May 11, 2012

“Cinco de Derby”

Last Saturday, 5 de Mayo, 25-year-old Mexican jockey Mario Gutierrez rode “I’ll Have Another” and won the Kentucky Derby. We speak to him for a recap on his victory and what it’s meant to him.

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Renata says:

I love these! My mother-in-law never messid watching the Kentucky Derby on TV and it was my dream to one day take her to the Race. That never happened and she died at the age of 92. But I always think of her at Derby time. She was a spunky lady born in Illinois around 1900, who had her own horse and even rode a borrowed bicycle when girls were not allowed to! She was a school teacher and positively influenced many young lives in her 40 years of teaching. Hope she’ll be watching from Heaven!!

Lucia says:

Never got into horse racing so hard for me to get up for shnoteimg like the Kentucky Derby. My wife wants to go one day though just so she can buy a silly hat.For the guys here who bet on it, do you follow the horses for most of the year so you have a clue who is good or not? Or is it just become a racing fan for one day because it is a big event?