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You On SB 1070: Listener Comments / by Maria Hinojosa | July 13, 2012

You On SB 1070: Listener Comments

Last week, Maria Hinojosa shared her thoughts on the Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s immigration law. Here’s what some of you had to say.

Click here to download this week’s show. Image courtesy of Radia.

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Betsy Jacobson says:

Thank you, Maria Hinojosa, for saying on the Up with Chris show today what I’ve been saying for years and years, but I never said it as simply and cogently as you did today. You said,
“The first immigrants in America were the Pilgrims.”


Whenever the subject of immigration appears in a conversation of which I’m a participant, I try to make it clear to everyone present that they’re all immigrants. Me too, ‘though 3rd generation. So who counts generations?

I shall now use your simple and totally direct sentence. I’ve never heard it expressed before except from my own lips.


Betsy Ress Jacobson
179 Julia Court, Sandy Hook, CT 06482