This Week's Captions: Latinos & Gun Control / by Maria Hinojosa | March 1, 2013

This Week’s Captions: Latinos & Gun Control


How do Latinos feel about restrictions on gun control? Is now the time to restrict the right to bear arms? We hear two interesting perspectives on the relationship between Latinos and guns. And did you know that Latino farmers and ranchers sued the US Department of Agriculture and won? The USDA was not giving grants to Latino and African American farmers fairly. And now that the lawsuit is over, many ranchers are not signing up for compensation. Hear that (and Tex-Mex norteño!) on this week’s show.


Latino USA, the foremost Latino voice in public media and the longest running Latino-focused program on radio, is the first radio program to commence equal-access distribution via Captioning for Radio. “Research has shown that Latino children have a higher incidence of hearing loss and deafness than other populations,” according to Latino USA’s Anchor & Executive Producer Maria Hinojosa. “When the opportunity to break this sound barrier came to our attention, we were pleased to embrace this new technology developed by NPR Labs and Towson University for the thousands of Latinos with serious hearing loss.”

The International Center for Accessible Radio Technology (ICART), a strategic alliance between NPR and Towson University, is co-directed by Mike Starling of NPR and Ellyn Sheffield of Towson University.

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maria chavez-mound says:

It’s wonderful that you have afforded this opportunity to people who are hard of hearing or deaf to participate in your program by reading the captions. I am hard of hearing and am fortunate enough to have hearing aides. I have no trouble listening to your program.

I only wish it were longer than a mere 30 minutes. It would be wonderful if you could have a television program like Democracy Now or a program like The Diane Rehm Show, a call-in show.

Why can’t we Hispanics have something like that!


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