STEM Sisters / by Maria Hinojosa | September 6, 2013

STEM Sisters

Latinos are underrepresented in STEM—the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. But four recent STEM grads from DePaul University joined Maria Hinojosa for this first of many conversations about Latinas in STEM.

Photo courtesy thewomensmuseum

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Steve Rogers says:

if what the stem sisters said is true about how “they hope everyone realizes that latinos have a great respect for the environment and the land as cultivators etc” they why is it EVERY effen time there’s a group of latinos kicking around a soccer ball on ANY of the tax-payer maintained parks in LA do we see them leave their disgusting piggish trash all over the ground when they’re done – you dont see that in Beverly Hills or OC or predominantly white neighborhoods… seems like the stem sisters are offering up lip service

Gaby says:

I’m very proud of these young ladies, but I am wondering why they haven’t found jobs yet? I would think that with such few Latinas in STEM, companies would be very eager to recruit them and hire them right away.


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