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Why Should Unions Support Immigration Reform? / by Maria Hinojosa | November 22, 2013

Why Should Unions Support Immigration Reform?

You might not expect organized labor to advocate for immigration reform. But AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka tells us why he and his unions are making a push for reform to happen, and happen this year.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Richard-L.Trumka-AFL-CIO-President_mediumRichard Trumka is the president of the AFL-CIO, a national federation of labor organizations.



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Robert Beal says:

Portrait of an organization in crisis and decline

The AFL-CIO convention

By Shannon Jones
12 September 2013

The proceedings of the AFL-CIO quadrennial convention held this week in Los Angeles underscore the deepening crisis of this moribund and bureaucratic organization and its isolation and alienation from the broad masses of working people.

The disintegration of the US trade unions, highlighted by the proceedings of the AFL-CIO convention, is the product of their 60-year alliance with the capitalist politicians of the Democratic Party, their undying defense of US imperialism and organic and visceral hostility to socialism. Not only are the unions in financial difficulties but as a consequence of their bankrupt policies they are rightly despised by millions of workers, who view them as little more than arms of the corporate oppressors.