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How Does your Latino Family Celebrate Thanksgiving... / by Maria Hinojosa | November 26, 2013

How Does your Latino Family Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Latinos have a way of making American traditions all their own. We asked you on Twitter and Facebook, how does your family add some Latino flair to Thanksgiving? Latino USA producer Brenda Salinas joins host Maria Hinojosa in the studio to share your responses.

Photo courtesy of Alejandro Linares Garcia, Wikimedia Commons

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NYPocho says:

I still remember one Thanksgiving in Barelas circa 1958 we were enjoying: tamales, pozole, turkey [Anglo style] and of course bischochitos — when the placa jumped a couple of undocumented vatos walking down our street. I still my grandfather getting up and closing the blinds — so that the jovencitos “Thanksgiving” would not be ruined.