#1352 - End Of The Year / by Maria Hinojosa | December 27, 2013

#1352 – End Of The Year

We wrap up the year with bittersweet stories. Journalist Oscar Martinez tells us about riding the rails with Central American migrants heading to the United States and Mexico. A bilingual radio station celebrates forty years on the air. The STEM sisters check back in with Maria Hinojosa about starting their science careers. We hear about environmental concerns from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico. A “Banned Books Club” celebrates a year of spreading forbidden Latino-centric literature. And musician Eugene Hutz visits for a performance chat.

#1521 – A Latino History of the U.S.

#1521 - A Latino History of the U.S. / by Maria Hinojosa | May 22, 2015

Take a trip around the country with host Maria Hinojosa to learn about Latino…

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Susan Bush says:

I have always enjoyed and feel I have been informed by Latino USA, and my request is really very trivial. It would be great if you could put on a glossary of some of the phrases Maria uses, for the linguistically limited. She says “Nos avia” (Near as I can spell it) which by context I believe may be “be back in a few minutes, or in no time at all. I do try to correct my pronunciation by listening and repeating names and phrases I hear on the program — Thanks, and thanks for the program


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