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#1407 - Justify My...Love? / by Maria Hinojosa | February 14, 2014

#1407 – Justify My…Love?

For our Valentine’s episode, Latino USA looks at love and sex. From those forced into sex trafficking and people who choose sex work out of economic need, to stories of love and immigration. We talk about Puerto Ricans in drag. And we hear about planning a cross-cultural wedding, as well as a love letter to a friend, just for being there.

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Gary Cozette says:

Wow! GREAT program. I loved the opening story of 2 lesbians who met and married. The comments of gay sex worker advocate was very compelling. No surprise that sex workers find the sex trade as a good way to make a living – at least in their youth – without other job options. And the endearing story of marriage of the young undocumented couple from Honduras brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you Maria and the amazing Latino USA team!

Megan Dooley Fisher says:

Can you tell me the name if the song played just before the segment in drag queens? It is a blast from the past but I cannot remember who performs it or it’s title!