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The Intercultural Wedding Planner / by Maria Hinojosa | February 14, 2014

The Intercultural Wedding Planner

15 percent of all new marriages in the U.S. are interethnic or interracial according to the Pew Research Center.   That’s up from 7 percent in 2008. Some companies are trying to cash on this upward trend. Remember this Cheerios commercial?





But smaller business owners are starting to take note too. Take Audrey Hu-Gonzalez. She’s a wedding planner in Houston who specializes in weaving different cultural traditions into one awesome party.

She says her Bolivian/Chinese DNA has helped her carve out a niche market. “When people find out that I’m half Chinese or half Spanish and that I speak the language, especially Spanish, they feel more comfortable with me,” says Hu-Gonzalez.


Check out these pictures from a Cambodian/Chinese & Persian/Indian fête she just threw.


[slideshow id=10]




Photos courtesy of Audrey Hu-Gonzalez, Mary Yai//Collins Metu Photography.

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