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Foot Massager Heals Migrants At The Border / by Debbie Nathan | June 13, 2014

Foot Massager Heals Migrants At The Border

Exhausted migrants rest up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for the last leg of their journey just before they reach the US border. On the outskirts of town there is the Casa del Migrante – the Migrant’s House.

It’s a place of refuge for many Central Americans who’ve ridden freight trains all the way up from Mexico’s border with Guatemala. Two afternoons each week, Jorge Garcia Gutierrez goes to the House to greet them.

Gutierrez is a foot reflexiologist and foot massager, and he’s on a mission. The migrants have gone many days without enough food, sleep, or showers riding the trains through Mexico. Their feet are covered with cuts, blisters and fungus. Gutierrez uses his hands to heal them.

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 Photos courtesy of the reporter 

Title photo by Keystone/Getty Images

Debbie Nathan

Debbie Nathan

Debbie Nathan is a freelance journalist; for over three decades she has covered immigration, sexual politics and the US-Mexico border. She is the author of books including Women and Other Aliens; Satan’s Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt; and the New York Times bestseller Sybil Exposed. She is a Houston native who learned Spanish as a child at school in northern Mexico. She lived in El Paso for many years and now makes her home in Brooklyn.

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