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Successful and Yet Unknown... The Secret Genius / by Antonia Cereijido | August 8, 2014

Successful and Yet Unknown… The Secret Genius

We look at three mega stars who are hyper successful but who you may have never heard of. Romeo Santos is the king of bachata, Chicharito Hernandez is one of the most popular Mexican soccer players, and Bethany Mota is a  YouTube personality. They are all super stars in their respective worlds. And yet even though they sell out arenas in the U.S. and are making millions, they could probably walk around most neighborhoods in this country and not get recognized.


Antonia Cereijido

Antonia Cereijido is a recent graduate of Medill, Northwestern University’s School of Journalism where she majored in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Spanish. She was born in Spanish Harlem but grew up in Southern California. Antonia writes about entertainment for The Huffington Post. She has interned at Endgame Entertainment and MiTu Network and was the second camera assistant on Josefina Lopez’s film Detained in the Desert.

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