Finding Good Mexican Food in NYC: A Tacumentary / by Antonia Cereijido and Michael Simon Johnson | August 15, 2014

Finding Good Mexican Food in NYC: A Tacumentary

Latino USA goes on a quest to find good Mexican Food in New York City. We decided to focus on three neighborhoods: Corona in Queens, Loisiada in Manhattan, and Sunset Park in Brooklyn. Each neighborhood had its unique vibe and all had delicious food.

We learn about the expansive Pueblan community in New York City and visit a very popular food truck. Tell us about your favorite Mexican food spots! Tweet at us at @LatinoUSA.


In Corona Queens we went to a restaurant called Tulcingo, where the tacos were overloaded with guacamole. 




There was a deer head on the wall!



Zaragoza is in the Lower East Side, commonly called Loisiada because it sounds like Lower East Side pronounced with a spanish accent. 



Tacos El Branco is a chain of taco trucks that can be found in Brooklyn. 

All photos courtesy of Antonia Cereijido.  


Michael Simon Johnson

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Michael Simon Johnson spend most of his childhood making music and groaning when his parents put on NPR in the car. So naturally he graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Sound Design, moved to New York and made his way into public radio. As an engineer, he has worked for Afropop Worldwide, WNYC’s Radio Rookies, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. He commits much of his time to working on radio and multimedia projects but can often be found playing the bass, rock climbing, and traveling.


Antonia Cereijido

Antonia Cereijido is a recent graduate of Medill, Northwestern University’s School of Journalism where she majored in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Spanish. She was born in Spanish Harlem but grew up in Southern California. Antonia writes about entertainment for The Huffington Post. She has interned at Endgame Entertainment and MiTu Network and was the second camera assistant on Josefina Lopez’s film Detained in the Desert.

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