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Who's Checking The Checkpoints? / by Leda Hartman | August 22, 2014

Who’s Checking The Checkpoints?

In Siler City, North Carolina, two young Latinos are informing the community of police checkpoints via Facebook, to combat what they see as harassment.


Photo via Siler City Checkpoints Facebook page. 


Leda Hartman

Leda Hartman is a creative and seasoned writer, reporter and award-winning editor who specializes in narrative journalism. As a reporter, Leda is committed to bringing the stories of ordinary people to life in ways that go beyond quick headlines and sound bites. Leda wants to take you by the hand and transport you to new places that offer new insights. As an editor, she loves showing other reporters how to do this. Leda works online, in print and on the radio. She has been a longtime contributor to many nationally broadcast public radio programs, reporting on everything from breaking news and human-interest features to presidential campaigns. Her work has aired on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, Latino USA, Living on Earth, Studio 360, The World and Voice of America, among other programs. Leda has also worked as the assignment editor for two nationally broadcast global affairs programs, Latitudes and the World Vision Report. She has received more than a dozen national and regional awards.

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