From Invisible to Visible


June 17, 2015: TEdxPennsylvaniaAvenue So as a little girl growing up in Chicago,…

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Watch This Very Creative Latino USA Fan Video

Fan video by @ChicanoPlanner

You want to know why I still love Twitter? The answer is…

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Latino USA Honored by NAHJ for Journalism Excellence


Earlier today, our team received the official news that the National Association…

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Our Three Top Latino USA Stories This Week


At the end of every Friday, after the team shares the news…

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This Week’s Latino USA Music Playlist: Beauty


By now, you know the deal: on Friday, our team launches a podcast.…

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The Beauty Guru Paradox


Not surprisingly, YouTube is a very popular place to discuss beauty. In one…

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Somos Agency Challenges the Perception of Beauty


Mexican American Nicholas Segura owns Somos, a talent agency based in Kansas…

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Teen Study Reveals Dangerous Chemicals in Cosmetics


In Salinas, California, home to a booming agricultural industry and a stark…

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Removing Tattoos Made by Abusive Partners

Dawn and Letishia1

Dawn Maestas is now in her forties, but she spent a big…

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