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Archive for the ‘Music’ Category

This Week’s Music: Béisbol

Ok, guys, here’s the playlist for this week’s Béisbol episode. Follow us on Spotify to find the music we use in our shows. As always, a huge thanks to Nadia Reiman, our Latino USA music genius, for picking the songs that have become such a staple of our shows.

Not all the songs we featured were on Spotify this week, so we’re adding YouTube videos. First off, the famous WPIX 1970s New York Yankees theme song, the intro to the The Bronx Judas segment (that’s me), for obvious reasons.

I was also surpised to see that “Guavaberry” was not on Spotify, so I found this throwback video gem from 1987. 1987!!!

I guess I have to add this one, even though I am a Red Sox fan now.


We also included “Baby Elephant Walk.” Go 1960s!

Here is Mariachi Nuevo Real’s “Llévame al juego de béisbol.”

We close with “Alatagracia.” Brilliant.

This Week’s Music: Latino Icons

Now that you caught our Latino Icons rebroadcast, you can also listen to some of the music we featured in the show. Each week, we create an Spotify playlist like the one you see here. For more playlists, follow us on Spotify.



This Week’s Music: Rebels

Here’s the latest Spotify playlist we curated for the Rebels show. You can follow all the Latino USA playlists at our official Spotify site.




This Week’s Music: Lady Liberty

Here is our official Spotify playlist with all the tracks we featured in this week’s Lady Liberty podcast, along with a few videos of the artists we included.




This Week’s Music: Who Tells the Story?

Here is a list of all the music we featured during our Who Tells the Story? podcast. For more playlists, follow us on Spotify.

This Week’s Music: A Latino History of Hip-Hop, Part II

After catching our latest our podcast, give our latest Spotify playlist a listen. The following playlist and YouTube videos feature the full songs you heard as clips in “A Latino History of Hip-Hop, Part II.” And since this is hip-hop, we must warn you: some of the songs contain explicit language.

This Week’s Music: Abuelos

Here is the music we featured for our Abuelos show. Enjoy! And while you’re listening, don’t forget to follow us on Spotify.

This Week’s Music: A Latino History of the US

Now that you’ve listened to our latest show, follow up with the music we featured.

This Week’s Music: Take Care

Do you want to know more about the music behind our Take Care episode? Here’s our latest Spotify playlist, along with one YouTube link to a song you can’t get on Spotify: “Sentimiento Electrónico” by Sonido San Francisco.

“Sentimiento Electrónico”

Are you on Spotify? If so, give us a follow here.

This Week’s Music: Palabras

-Happy by Pharrell Williams (Cumbia Remix by MusicaNowOficial)

-Prende vela by Diente de plata

This Week’s Music: Returning

-Cafe Cafe by Radio Jarocho

-Emilia by Ana Tijoux

-Los aguacates by Juan Cirerol

-Una Copa Más by Los Panchos

-Tabu by Chucho Valdes

-Vuelve a Casa by Ana Prada

-Tu Casa, Mi Casa by Yerba Buena

-U R The 1 by José James

-Lover Man by Billie Holiday

-Lover Man by José James

-All of Me by Billie Holiday

-Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday

-Strange Fruit by José James

-God Bless the Child by José James

-Tenderly by José James

-Button Mushrooms by Podington Bear

-Funky Suspense by Ben Sound

-Wonder Cycle by Chris Zabriskie

-CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie

-Prelude No. 13 by Chris Zabriskie

-Bebo by Chucho Valdes

-Thames Town by Hauschka

This Week’s Music: Reprise

-Tu Eres Para Mi by Mala Juntera

-Mrs. Robinson by Francis Morello

-Tonight by Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione on “West Side Story (New Broadway Recording)”

-Tonight (Quintet) by West Side Story Ensemble (2009) on “West Side Story (New Broadway Recording)”

-Lin-Manuel Miranda Performing at the White House Poetry Jam in 2009

-Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.

-Video of Hamilton, the new musical about Alexander Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda at Public Theater

-I Want You Back by Tony Succar feat. Tito Nieves

-Fallaste Corazón by Lila Downs

-Inura – Teaching by Tania León

-Bailarín by Tania León

-Horizons by Tania León

-Satiné by Tania León

-Indigena by Tania León

-Inura – Understanding by Tania León

-Quizás, Quizás, Quizás by Gaby Moreno

-Spanish Bombs by Tijuana No!

-Oya by Ibeyi

-Ghosts by Ibeyi

-Eluggua (Intro) by Ibeyi

IBEYI – ELEGGUA – (Official Video) from Mathieu Wilson on Vimeo.

-Think of You by Ibeyi

-River by Ibeyi

-Mama Says by Ibeyi

-I’m On Fire by Twin Shadow

-Intro – El Viaje (feat. Eduardo Galeano) by Calle 13

-Young and Beautiful (Sonora Remix) by Lana Del Rey

-Afternoon (Youth Lagoon Cover) by Algodón Egipcio

This Week’s Music: Survival

-La vida no es fácil by Ximena Sariñana

-Tu Casa Nueva by El Último Vecino

-Crosses by José González

-Pervert Pop Song by Plastilina Mosh

-Tease by Salt Cathedral

-Alexander by Rey Pila

-Yo Viviré (I Will Suvive) by Celia Cruz

-La Casa Abandonada by Franny Glass

-Heartbeats by José González

-Get Low by Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

-Eclipse by Twin Shadow

-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (feat. Samantha Urbani) by Twin Shadow

-A Case Of You by Ana Moura

-Columna Vertebral by Nicole

-Sambosco by Mark Weinstein

-Latin Lingo by Cypress Hill

This Week’s Music: Chuy and the battle for Chicago

-Hard Times (Follow Me) by Mighty Joe Young

-Little Red Rooster by Fenton Robinson

-Hooker N’ Steve by Earl Hooker

-Chuy Garcia de la Villita Corrido by Juan Carlos Ozuna

-Inner City Blues by Rodriguez

-Blues in D Natural by Earl Hooker

-Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud) by James Brown

-You Don’t Know What Love Is by Fenton Robinson

-Just a Minute by Mighty Joe Young

-Baby Please Don’t Go by Big Joe Williams

-I Could Cry (1957 Version) by Junior Wells

-Got To Be Some Changes Made by Otis Rush

-Hey Little Girl by Floyd Jones

-Before You Accuse Me by Magic Slim

-Chicago at Night by Spoon

-My Heavy Load by Sunnyland Slim

-You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover by Bo Diddley

-Sunnyland Special by Sunnyland Slim

-Ain’t No Sunshine (feat. Tracy Chapman) by Buddy Guy

This Week’s Music: El Teléfono

-Contéstame el Teléfono (Feat. Flex) by Alexis & Fido

-Todo Es Un Teléfono Para El by Ulises Hadjis

-Más Pan by Quantic

-Sono by Buscabulla

-Enter the Esperanto by Captain Planet

-Pesadilla by Little Jesus

-Pijamas by Babasonicos

-Hambre (feat. Wendy Sulca) by Gepe

-Se a cabo by Santana

-Volver A Comenzar by Café Tacvba

-Lottery by Kali Uchis

-Hasta la Raíz by Natalia Lafourcade

-Europa by Santana

-Aprovechate by Café Tacvba

-El Balajú by Son de Madera

-Didn’t I by Darondo

-Chico’s Barnyard by The Mighty Imperials

-Porque Te Amo Tanto by Los Blue Caps

-Mais Pourquoi? by The Pinker Tones

-Pearls by Cashmere Cat

-Kiss Kiss by Cashmere Cat

-La Joya by Javiera Mena

-Como Un Amigo by Torreblanca


THIS WEEK'S SHOW: In this week's show,…

This Week's Captions: Money...

THIS WEEK'S SHOW: From Puerto Rico to…


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