Rural Ecuador: America’s New Retirement Spot


For many Americans, retiring seems like it is becoming increasingly out of…

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Do Cubans Still Run Miami?


Cuban culture has dominated Miami for the last 50 years, ever since Cubans…

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Cigar Wars


After the U.S. embargo against Cuba began, the Dominican Republic became the…

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Terrorized by Violence: Mexico’s Refugees


In the United States, there’s a widespread notion that Mexicans fleeing cartel…

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ESPN Embraces the Messiness of Bilingualism

Los Angeles, Calif - September 11, 2013 - Mayan Theater: Hispanic Heritage Month Special One Nación

Bilingual sports fans have it rough. They can get their English-language sports…

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Clinton’s DC Appearance with Latinos Interrupted


UPDATE: On Friday Clinton reportedly told Black Lives Matter leaders that she…

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A Conversation About Diversity in Geekdom


This week's "Diversity in Geekdom" show led to one active online conversation…

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An Open Letter to the 6,000 Prisoners Coming Home

Casey Anthony To Released From Prison Over Weekend

For those 6,000 who will soon be released, I want to share…

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Music from Latino USA’s ‘Diversity in Geekdom’


This week's music playlist for our "Diversity in Geekdom" show has it…

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