Latino USA

#1415 – Moms, Drugs, And Rocanrol / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

Today on Latino USA, it’s all about Moms, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. Maria…

#1415 – Moms, Drugs, And Rocanrol
Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Latina Mami Bloggers Talk Identity / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

Why are Latina mom bloggers so successful? Host Maria Hinojosa explores the power of…

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Jorge Narvaez: Youtube Star Turned Immigration Activist / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

One in four Latinos say they personally know someone who has been detained or…

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Coast Guard, CBO interdict marijuana, methamphetamine at sea

Teens: Don’t Become Drug Mules / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

Do teens smuggle drugs across the border? It appears so--the Department of Homeland Security…

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Smuggling Prescription Drugs Across The Border / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

Drug smuggling tends to conjure up images of marijuana, cocaine or other illegal substances.…

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America’s Addiction to the Drug War / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

We may very well be living in the age of legal marijuana. Twenty states…

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Kumbia Queers Website

Kumbia Queers: Cumbia Is More Punk Than Punk / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

Six girl punk rockers got together one day and decided to start a side…

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Colombian Nobel Prize for Literature 198

Celebrating Gabriel García Márquez / by Maria Hinojosa | April 11, 2014

For this week’s sabiduría, or words of wisdom, we celebrate the work, legacy, and…

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#1414 – Fiction Edition / by Maria Hinojosa | April 4, 2014

First week of April, first ever fiction edition at Latino USA! We dream big…

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Children Of Latinia / by Maria Hinojosa | April 4, 2014

Children of Latinia is the story of a young man, mixed-race and caught in…

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