9 Powerful Blogs by Latinas to Empower Women Everywhere

Being a feminist and a woman of color can come with its own set of obstacles.

That’s why many Latinas have made it a point to discuss these challenges and personal experiences through individual blogs. In their own words, these bloggers have described what it’s like to be a feminist within a culture that can be extremely male-centric, sometimes misconstrues feminism and seemingly remains steadfast in keeping traditional gender roles in place. But Latinas also face more universal challenges, which align with what many women around the world fighting for gender equality also experience.

Keeping in mind that it can be enlightening to read the specific and not-so-specific struggles many women of color face, here are nine powerful blogs written by Latinas that seek to empower women everywhere.

Read the 9 blogs at HuffPost Latino Voices.


How has the Latino blogosphere changed as more people tweet and use tumblr and as big companies use new media to reach out to Latinos? Host Maria Hinojosa speaks to Maegan Ortiz, the publisher of Vivir Latino, about the changes for Latinos in new media.

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Maegan Ortiz is a Los Angeles based Nuyorican mami media maker. She has written for the American Prospect, the Progressive, Univision, El Diario la Prensa, and Latina on Latino politics, media, and culture. She is the Publisher of VivirLatino and can be found on twitter @mamitamala.