Fishing in the City

Preserving a connection to the environment can be challenging for urban residents. However, fishing can be a fun and easy way to explore the outdoors, and it’s more accessible than most city dwellers might think. Cities offer a wealth of opportunities for urban angling, whether it’s in a local park, a river—even in a reservoir. To find out more, Latino USA visited a casting demonstration hosted by Bassmaster in New York City’s Central Park.

Photo of Central Park by Netagert (Wikimedia Commons)

Treasure Hunt

Geocaching, a sort of 21st Century scavenger hunt where players try to locate hidden containers using a smartphone or GPS, may seem like the ultimate in hipster playtime. But for our host Maria Hinojosa, it’s an exercise that gives her quality time with her daughter, lets her join in adventures with like-minded strangers and connects her to familiar landscapes in new ways.

RadioNature is a year-long series that looks at how people of color connect with nature. Funding comes from the REI Foundation.


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