The Workaholic From Michigan

Adolfo Mendez is the owner of two taquerías and a grocery store in Traverse City, Michigan. He immigrated to Northern Michigan over decade ago from Veracruz, Mexico. He immediately got a job in maintenance and things were going great until one of his coworkers told him that he had a problem: Adolfo was a workaholic. Adolfo went home and Googled the disease worried he had cancer or some other serious problem when he realized a workaholic is just someone who works constantly.

Photo via TC-Latino-Grocery

Michigan Living Arrangements

This is the time of year, when migrant farm workers are traveling the country, from harvest to harvest. Farmers wanting to ensure a steady flow of workers need to provide decent temporary housing. Andrew Stelzer reports on a small town in Michigan where local opposition is thwarting one farmer from renovating an abandoned motel to house his workers.

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Andrew Stelzer is an award winning radio producer and news reporter, currently working as a producer and host at the National Radio Project in Oakland, CA. Andrew’s radio work has been featured nationally and Internationally on programs including NPR’s Weekend Edition, PRI’s The World, Studio 360, Weekend America, Marketplace, Living on Earth, On the Media, Free Speech Radio News, Latino USA, Only a Game, Radio Netherlands, World Radio Switzerland, Independent Native News, Radio France International, and the Workers Independent News Service. He also files regularly for KQED radio news in San Francisco.