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Latino USA Is Doing a Pope Francis Show

So I need to share something with you all today. In a few weeks, the Latino USA team will spending an entire hour on Pope Francis, the Catholic Church’s first Latin American pope. El Papa will be visiting the United States in September, so what better time to talk about his impact and what his papacy means?

Nonetheless, we need your input! I did the following video to explain. Let us know: what does Pope Francis mean to you? Do you have any stories about him that you want to share? What does this mean for the Catholic Church? For Latin America? For U.S. Latinos?

You can send us your voice memos via email to info@futuromediagroup.orgOr if voice memos aren’t your thing, share your comments below, tweet @LatinoUSA or tweet me @julito77.

Featured image by Edgar Jiménez via Wikimedia Commons.

News Taco: Who’s Latino?

Is Jorge Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, Latino? Does it matter? Why did Bruno Mars drop his Puerto Rican father’s surname? And who is the new Obama staffer Miguel Rodriguez? Latino USA guest host Felix Contreras gets the answers in conversation with Victor Landa, editor of the site News Taco.

Click here to download this week’s show. Image courtesy of Flickr.

Victor-150x150Victor Landa is the founder and editor of NewsTaco, a website that provides news, analysis and critique from a Latino perspective. He worked as a writer and editor for 30 years, mostly with Telemundo and Univisión. Landa also contributed to the San Antonio Express-News, and he is an adviser on media strategy, message crafting, storytelling and public speaking.


THIS WEEK'S SHOW: In this week's show,…

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THIS WEEK'S SHOW: From Puerto Rico to…


Audio visual notes for the hearing impaired.

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