New Latino Voice Tracking Poll: Clinton 75%, Trump 13%, Other 12%

The latest New Latino Voice (NLV) online tracking poll from Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil has Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by more than 60 points with Latino voters.

This current poll, which ran from August 8–August 15, shows Clinton with 75% support, Trump with 13% and Other with 12%. Clinton’s lead has been holding steady at more than 50 points over a span of 19 consecutive weeks. (Click here for previous poll.)

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When the poll focuses just on the swing state of Florida, Clinton still maintains a similar lead.


The issue of security rose and peaked as a principal issue over the month of June, before it began to decline in August. On the other hand, immigration continues to be the biggest issue facing the U.S., according to the almost 2,000 Latinos who participated in the poll.

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When asked about this week’s results, FIU professor Eduardo Gamarra told Latino USA the following:

“This is the 19th consecutive week of polling and the data continue to show remarkable consistency week to week. Mrs. Clinton appears to have an ironclad grip on Latinos as she has been above 70% since mid May and nothing appears to even nudge her numbers. In contrast, Mr. Trump has dropped down again below 13% nationally. He is unlikely to have any impact on our Latino numbers in the near future and if you examine the past 18 weeks, it is unlikely that he will manage to recover even his highest score of 17.3%.

Our poll can lead us to speculate only that older Latinos are drawn in greater proportion to Trump and to third party candidates. This week, older Latinos appear to be more drawn to candidates other than Trump. Overall, as we noted three weeks ago, these numbers in Florida spell serious trouble for Donald Trump especially if voter turnout is high among Latinos. Voter registration figures for Latinos in Central Florida are raising eyebrows as in some counties they are far outpacing all other voters.

You can read the poll’s full findings below:


“Border security first!” This is the rallying cry of many when it comes to immigration reform. Fronteras Desk reporter Michel Marizco looks at how security currently works along the US-Mexico border and talks to people who say more must be done.

Click here to download this week’s show. Image courtesy of Flickr (Creative Commons).

MICHEL.photoMichel Marizco is a Senior Field Correspondent for the Fronteras Desk in Tucson. He has reported along the Southwest border for the past decade, mainly in Arizona and Sonora. Before joining the Fronteras Desk, he field-produced stories for CNN Madrid, the BBC, 60 Minutes Australia, and the CBC. He is a contributing author on Shared Responsibility: U.S.-Mexico Policy Options for Confronting Organized Crime and an occasional writer at High Country News.