Maria Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa is an award-winning news anchor and reporter who covers America’s untold stories and highlights today’s critical issues. In 2010, Hinojosa created the Futuro Media Group, an independent nonprofit organization producing multimedia journalism that explores and gives a critical voice to the diversity of the American experience. As the anchor and Executive Producer of the Peabody Award winning show Latino USA which is distributed by NPR, and anchor and Executive Producer of the PBS show America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa, both produced by Futuro Media, she has informed millions about the changing cultural and political landscape in America and abroad.

Stories by Maria Hinojosa

Family Values

By Maria Hinojosa

For better or worse, we are all influenced by the people who made us who we are—our families. This week we hear stories about family ties and what makes us come together.


By Maria Hinojosa and Julia Alsop

We talk about Latinos in uniform. Latino USA explores the history of marketing to and the recruiting of Latinos.


By Maria Hinojosa

This week Latino USA looks at stories of parenting.

Latino USA anticipates Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. by learning about his past, hearing from Latinos eager to catch a glimpse of him, and talking about how he and his seemingly radical views are impacting the Catholic Church in the U.S.

Coming of Age

By Maria Hinojosa

Stories about maturing and coming into your own.